Zuzeum Arts Centre, Riga, Latvia

'We Aim to Live: Contemporary Art from the Zuzans Collection', group exhibition including work by Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, 10 Sept - 8 Nov 2020

We, the makers of the Zuzeum Art Centre and its inaugural exhibition ‘We Aim to Live’, invite you to feel safe in our new home and believe in the future. We encourage you to look at the works of contemporary painting, sculpture, and ceramics from the Zuzāns Collection and find an action strategy for the evening to come, for tomorrow, for next year. 

Start a conversation with a friend about identity, body, and feelings, crossing borders, fake news, technology, aliens, death, but also nature, love, the universe, and hope. Use art for contemplation and meditation, and immerse yourself in soundscape.

Curated by Ieva Zībārte.


Words by: Zuzeum Art Centre

September 25, 2020