The Harvey Gantt Center, North Carolina, USA

Group exhibition entitled 'Painting is its Own Country', opens 2 November 2019, includes work by Lavar Munroe.

Painting Is Its Own Country, at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, is a survey exhibition, highlighting the work of more than two dozen exceptional artists who, through figuration and abstraction, are challenging traditional ideas of cultural representation and creativity. Curatorially, Painting Is Its Own Country is a simultaneous look into past and the future. The exhibition offers a snapshot of powerful work being made by a generation of emerging artists, as well as several well-known practitioners in the field. The exhibition’s title reflects the idea that painting, despite its long existence, still offers limitless space for freedom, diversity, and self-expression.


Words by Harvey B.Gantt Centre for African-American Arts and Culture

October 18, 2019